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Donald P. Delaney

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Donald P. Delaney

Meet Don Delaney, a true force in the world of law enforcement. For an impressive three decades, he dedicated his life to serving the state of New York, donning various roles such as a trooper, sergeant, investigator, senior investigator, and even supervising the Major Case Squad. Don’s journey began when he earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Manhattan College in 1973, followed by a master’s degree in Human Relations from the esteemed New York Institute of Technology in 1976.

In 1985, Don furthered his expertise by graduating from the prestigious National Institute of Polygraph Science, where he delved into the intricate art of conducting polygraph examinations. Over the years, he performed more than a thousand of these examinations, astoundingly eliciting confessions in over 98% of the cases he handled. Such remarkable success solidified Don’s reputation as a skilled interrogator and interviewer, leading him to teach these very techniques to eager minds across the nation.

His instructional journey took him to an impressive lineup of esteemed institutions, including 31 universities and numerous police departments. Even the FBI Academy, the New York State Police Academy, and the NYPD Academy sought his wisdom. But Don’s reach wasn’t limited to American soil alone; he traveled across the globe, imparting his knowledge to universities in Ireland, Norway, Canada, and many more.

Don’s expertise didn’t stop at teaching and consulting. After retiring from the New York State Police, he embarked on an exciting new chapter with Computer Concepts. Here, he developed groundbreaking computer forensic software that revolutionized investigations for prestigious organizations such as US Customs, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, private investigators, attorneys, and various law enforcement agencies.

Intriguingly, Don’s career path took yet another turn when he joined the United States Department of Labor. For eight remarkable years, he dedicated his efforts to investigating violations of ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) and safeguarding pension and welfare plans. His unwavering commitment to justice made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals relying on these vital benefits.


Today, Don Delaney cherishes his well-deserved retirement, reflecting on a lifetime of remarkable achievements and indelible contributions to the field of law enforcement. His legacy lives on through the lives he has touched and the knowledge he has imparted, forever leaving an imprint on the world he dedicated his life to protect.

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